Products & Services

Today, Hamilton not only provides outstanding services to the long-term care industry, but has expanded its quality services to other industries. As a nationally licensed broker, HIA can provide a diverse selection of affordable plans and products tailored to the specific needs of its clients. In the long-term care, Hamilton has been proactive in partnering with clients in developing solutions to the challenges of doing business. These services supplement the insurance brokerage side of the business and allow for Hamilton to further live up to its mission of being a business partner, not just a broker.



Be Our Partner

The core of Hamilton Insurance is built around one guiding principle of our President & CEO, Alan Zuccari: striving to be more than just a broker, but a partner and resource for our clients. Over the years, we’ve built valuable partnerships with our clients – from AJZ Capital aiding in new project financing for clients – to providing comprehensive service-based solutions outside of insurance. In addition, in 2011, Hamilton Insurance developed a partnership with the William J. Clinton Foundation when Hamilton committed to enabling better economic conditions in the long term care facility and to create 50 jobs through our sister company, Servarus Systems.