Industry Compliance

Hamilton Insurance Agency provides unlimited long-term care related resources from state and federal departments as it relates to Corporate Compliance, Health Care Reform, Human Resources, Employment Law, HIPAA Compliance, and Protection and Confidentiality as examples. HIA assists in providing solutions to concerns and/or provides clarification as it relates to the compliance of employee benefit plans with applicable laws. Communication is key to education and HIA’s corporate communication materials (newsletters, E-Alerts, social media outlets, etc.) enable its clients to be readily prepared in this fast-changing industry. HIA works closely with internal and external subject-matter partners to provide educational webinars, compliance checklists and teaching materials on related industry topics. Visit our Resources page as well as the links below access our resources available to you.

If you have any questions regarding your organizations compliance, please contact us here and our Corporate Compliance Specialist will reach out to you.



6/2016- E-Alert – Employee Health Plans

10/2015- E-Alert – ObamaCare Changes

9/2015- E-Alert – IRS Issues

9/2015- E-Alert – ACA Reporting

9/2015- E-Alert – Cyber Attack

9/2015- E-Alert Draft Instructions

7/2015- E-Alert – Same Sex Marriage

7/2015- E-Alert – ObamaCare

6/2015- E-Alert

6/2015 – E-Alert
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12/12/2014 – Compliance Connection
2015.01.12.HamiltonHeadlinesCompliance Connection

12/01/2014 – Compliance Connection
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