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Benefits administration an HR nightmare?

Services and Technology Working Together
for a Better Experience

Hamilton Insurance Agency along with the insurance brokerage industry in transforming into a service industry and we are a leading company in making that transition. To make this transition we believe you have to have a servicing culture and you must also have the technology tools. We support our client (employers and brokers) in making this industry transition. Having our service model integrated with our technology tools allows us to transform the insurance brokerage process into a servicing process focused on the needs of our clients.

Life & Health Insurance

Hamilton is one of only a few third-party benefits administrators (TPA). Enlisting us to address your organization’s life and health insurance needs will give your employees access to flexible healthcare plans best suited for their individual objectives.

Self-Funded Plans
Voluntary and Group (Life, Short/Long Term Disability, Accident, Critical Illness, etc.)
Affordable Medical Plans

Benefits Administration Services

  • Web-based Electronic Enrollment & Eligibility Management System
  • Premium Billing & Invoicing
  • Call Center Services
  • ACA Reporting & Administration
  • Dependent Verification
  • Employee Communications & Fulfillment Services
  • COBRA Administration
  • virtual insurance cards
  • Customized handbooks tailored to your company’s mission and brand.
  • Personalized step by step, ‘how to’ video presentation prior to enrollment.

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