COVID-19 Resources

Implement precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


  • Constant communication with staff and family is key.
  • Administrative staff needs to be seen on the unit. ALL HANDS ON DECK.
  • Answer staff questions. GIVE THEM THE FACTS. They are an important part of the team, make them feel like it. Inform staff of the latest
  • In the event that your facility has a confirmed case of COVID-19, make sure you have a media contact person and a letters and PR statement ready for families and the community. Have a plan ready on how you’re going to contact families


  • Take staff/essential HCP temperature when they arrive at the facility. If they have a temperature do not allow them to enter the facility. Document temperature screenings.
  • Outside HCP should have their own PPE upon entering the facility. If not, make sure equipment (i.e., facemask) is available for them.
  • Restrict non-essential visits as outlined by CMS. Place signage at the entrance to inform potential visitors of the restriction of visitors.
  • Some facilities across the countries have been experiencing with the mailperson delivering mail in which they are refusing the screening process and refuse to leave the mail at the door. In this situation, have an employee meet the mailperson at the door to receive the mail. The mail should be isolated or disinfected prior to distribution.


  • Constantly monitor staff for proper infection control techniques
  • Conduct hand-washing audits on all personnel including dietary and environmental staff. Make sure staff knows when to use proper hand hygiene, including following the use of gloves.
  • Make sure soap and alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) is readily available and accessible throughout the facility.
  • High-touch surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned frequently by environmental services and PRN by staff.
  • Make sure personal protective equipment is available for staff. Talk to them about how equipment is being distributed and the role that they play in preventing the spread of infection. Monitor for compliance.
  • Make sure tissue is available for residents and staff to use for coughs/ sneezes.
  • Complete Infection Control Risk Assessment checklist recommended by CMS. NOTE: state and federal surveyors will be requesting to see the risk assessment.
  • Assess residents for symptoms of Covid-19. If a resident displays symptoms, document and notify physician immediately.


  • No communal dining as outlined by CMS. Residents should eat in their rooms. This may be difficult for residents on Memory Care units. In these situations, try to practice as much social distancing as possible.
  • Discontinue group activities as outlined by CMS.
  • Try to keep residents in their rooms to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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