Plan Options


Why Level Funding? Level Funding is a type of self-funding that is unique to the marketplace. In addition to offering all the benefits of traditional self-funded plans, stable monthly costs allow groups to reap extra financial rewards.

A Noteworthy Bonus of Level Funding: If claims paid by the insurance carrier are less than the funds paid by the employer, they will refund the difference.


Why Self-Funding? Trusted Carrier Relationships: Hamilton’s unique designation with CareFirst Administrators (CFA) allows us to employ exclusive Stop-Loss products in tandem with Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Blue network on groups (50+) nationally, without seed letters from BCBS.

Best Pricing: Ability to access our Stop-Loss carrier’s turnkey TPA solution with CFA and / or the PHCS, First Health (Aetna’s network), or any open network’s Reference Based Pricing.

Employee Education: Through our exclusive add-on services, and the free tool GoodRX, we help groups maintain low costs on prescriptions, deductibles and copays.

Proven Results: Favorable first year outcomes– based on average case loss ratio from 81% to 58% – shows a 28% price decrease. Providing great renewals and long-term benefit plan cost reductions.

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